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After individuals become aware and overwhelmed by the issue of sex trafficking, they often ask "How can I make a difference?" or "What can I do to be involved? We have good news. There are a number of feasible and substantial ways that you can be ENGAGED in the fight against trafficking. Inspired and concerned people like YOU help make what Change Purse does possible. Ways that you can be engaged and make a difference include donating and collecting purses, hosting a home party, and establishing an awareness event in your area. Check out the many options below!.

Change Purse


Do you have any extra purses in your closet that you are currently not using or are thinking about getting rid of? By donating your purses to Change Purse, you can help raise awareness and assist in providing funding for other organizations working with sex trafficking victims and survivors. Donating does not have to end with just your purse. Think big. Collect purses from your friends, family, churches, and women's groups.

The purses you collect and donate will be sold at home parties or at Change Purse events. The money raised from the purse sales will be given to organizations that provide hope and restoration to women and children who are victims of sexual exploitation.

Change Purse will accept all brands and styles of purses as long as they are currently in style and are in new or like new condition. They must be free from stains, odors, or tears and must have minimal signs of use and wear on both the interior and exterior of the purse. If there are any donated purses that are not able to be sold, they will be given to another charitable venue. How do you get your purses to Change Purse? You can bring them to one of our drop-off locations.

Drop off

If you live in Pennsylvania you can drop off your purses at any of the following drop off locations:

Pennsylvania drop-off Locations


You can set up an established collection site in your area where people can drop off their donated purses. Below are guidelines for setting up a drop-off location:

Permission: Please obtain the appropriate permission to use your chosen location as a Change Purse collection site.

Bins: Obtain a plastic bin or box, preferably with a lid. Clearly label the bin for Change Purse donations. Contact us for a Change Purse bin label to attach to the outside of the bin.

Collection: Spread the word. Let people know about Change Purse and how they can donate their purses. This is also a good opportunity to raise awareness about sex trafficking.

Sort: Please help by sorting the purse donations that you receive. Purses that are not in new or like-new condition (minimal signs of use and wear, free from stains, strong odors, or tears) should be donated to another charitable venue (such as Salvation Army or GoodWill.)

Clean: Before shipping the purses, take the time to clean out any personal belongings from the interior of the purse. Be sure to check each pocket, pouch and compartment. If after this inspection you find that the purse is not in new or like new condition, please donate it to another charitable venue.

Change Purse will handle all the other details, such as the pricing and sale of the purses. Because taste in purses ranges widely, please refrain from making commitments to donors about the expected pricing or sale of their purses.

If donors would like to request a tax-deductible receipt for their donation, please contact us.


Home parties are a great way to make a big impact from the comfort of your own home! By hosting a home party, you can introduce your friends and family to Change Purse (and a great deal on purses!) and provide them an opportunity to learn more about sex trafficking and how they can help make a difference. If you are interested in hosting a home party, contact us and we'll send you a Freedom Kit with all the information you'll need to host a successful party.


Raising awareness about sex trafficking is a first and important step to be involved in making a difference. You can host an event in your area that brings awareness about sex trafficking and supports Change Purse, either through buying purses, collecting purses to donate, or both. Your event can be set up in a variety of ways. Be creative! We will gladly help you along the way and ensure that you have all the materials that you need to host a great awareness event. Past events have been held for women's ministries, churches, social clubs (such as Soroptimists, Junior League), Mom's organizations (like MOPS), or home based businesses like Mary Kay, Thirty-One Purses, and Upper Case Living. If you wish to create a flyer for your event, please contact us for permission and approval of the piece before posting. We'll even send you a purse icon to use on your promotion! You can also request a Freedom Kit for this type of event.

If you are in the south central PA, Maryland or West Virginia area, one of our Change Purse Ambassadors would love to come speak at any of your events. The presentation can range from 10-45 minutes, on a variety of topics suited to your group's desires. We do request an approximate 4 weeks' notice before attending a speaking engagement, as well as reimbursement of mileage, toll, meals, and lodging, as appropriate. We do not get paid for what we do, and reimbursement for these costs allows us to continue giving as much as possible to various organizations.

Thank you for your support and involvement.

Change Purse

If you would like to partner with Change Purse and its fight against sex trafficking by giving a financial gift click here

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